March 25, 2023

NetwiseTeam on the First Winter Integration Trip

In less than 12 months, NetwiseTeam had three opportunities for integration during trips both in Poland and abroad. One of them was the first-ever winter weekend at the highest located hotel in Poland, along with skiing on the slopes of Białka Tatrzańska.

An annual tradition is the whole Netwise team’s integration trip during the summer period. It’s a time for fun until dawn, interesting lectures, and activities that build and strengthen relationships. We also celebrate the last Thursday of each month, during which, besides summaries and project discussions, an evening full of entertainment, games, and fun awaits everyone. Last year, we organized a 7-day workation in Spain for the first time, and this winter, we added a weekend on the ski slopes to the list.

“At one of the Netwise Thursdays, I had the opportunity to go karting for the first time. With Netwise, I also went to the Canary Islands for the first time, and now I had the opportunity to spend a weekend on the slopes with the same people. It changes the perspective from which you look at the people you work with, as we have plenty of shared storiesKamil

As there are people with completely different temperaments and passions working at Netwise, the travel plan is always arranged in such a way that everyone finds something for themselves. This time, the options included, among other things, a SPA at the highest located hotel in Poland, allowing you to admire the mountain panorama in all its grandeur while lying in the jacuzzi. For the more active ones, there were two mountain trails, conquered under the guidance of professional guides. The third option, on the other hand, was skiing in Białka Tatrzańska.

“It was my first time on the slopes, which was my only concern before the trip. Overall, I spent a few hours on the slope with an instructor and did a few things that I definitely wouldn’t dare to do myself”

Everyone could also take advantage of equipment rental to assemble the complete set necessary for skiing. Netwise covered all costs, including lift passes, so that everyone could enjoy the trip without worrying about their wallet.

On the second day, a water park with thermal pools, saunas, and steam rooms was added to the list of attractions. As on every trip, there also had to be a themed party until morning.