Dynamics 365 AI

Forecast transactions with high accuracy

Make the most of AI technology to analyze and correct forecasts provided by sellers. The system not only detects the chances and risks of finalizing the transaction, but also identifies current trends among customers to maximize the chances of success.

Get to know your clients emotions

AI gives you the opportunity to talk to clients on a completely new level, thanks to the recognition of emotions during the conversation. Based on the analysis of the key and the manner of speaking, the consultant can better understand the client and his priorities at a given moment. AI makes it possible to personalize not only the content, but also the way it is communicated during the conversation.

Use algorithms more efficiently

Extremely useful function of changing speech or handwritten notes into text allows you to quickly enter data into the CRM system. Thanks to this, no information will be lost, and associating data with customers allows for quick transfer to the entire team.

Customize AI to your needs

The innovative tool allows you to create new solutions, recommended by the system, without the need for coding. Thanks to this, you will implement the changes immediately, and your sellers will gain access to new tools that will improve the quality of work of the entire team and maximize potential profits.

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