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Power ESRS - CSRD reporting made easy

What is Power ESRS

Power ESRS simplifies the reporting process in line with the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), streamlining the collaboration on collecting, consolidating, and disclosing sustainability information.

The solution, built on the Microsoft Power Platform, leverages existing enterprise infrastructure, provides a user-friendly working environment, and facilitates the workflow of both qualitative and quantitative data. The reporting process is broken down into small tasks that can be assigned to specific employees across the entire reporting entity – both within a single organization as well as within companies in a capital group.

With a proven workflow

built upon 10 years of experience in non-financial reporting (formerly known as the Non-Financial Reporting Directive), it implements an end-to-end process: from materiality assessment, through data collection and verification, to audit and due diligence.

Workflow and collaboration

Engage stakeholders within your organization to collaborate on ESG reporting

The platform features tools that facilitate communication and coordination among different stakeholders in the organization. This includes a shared workspace, workflows, and real-time updates to synchronize efforts and ensure everyone involved in ESG reporting is on the same page.

Transform your CSRD reporting with PowerESRS.

Discover the PowerESRS solution

Whether you need support with an existing implementation or want to learn about the benefits our products can offer you, visit the dedicated PowerESRS page and discover the advantages.