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Dynamics 365 – CRM Implementation

We know how to make that the CRM system will help your company

CRM implementation and business applications is not another “IT project”. First of all it’s a business venture combined with the implementation of appropriate technology.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to CRM implementations and business applications. The implementation of a CRM system depends on the size of the company, its needs and goals, organizational culture and IT requirements. CRM projects can be very complex and span many business processes, but they can also be a simple adaptation of an existing platform (such as Dynamics 365) to improve a specific process from start to finish.

Our strength is deep technological knowledge combined with business experience gained during Dynamics CRM implementations in many industries.

The primary goal must always be not just “implementation”, but the optimization of business processes and increasing the efficiency of activities:


Management of Customers, offers, orders and potential. Goals and sales planning.


Lead management, campaign management and campaign execution.

Digital Marketing

Marketing automation, email marketing, Customer purchase paths, multi-channel.

Customer service

Multi-channel Customer service, call center. Case, contract and SLA management.

Field service

Managing work time and resources, managing the allocation of services and technicians.

Partner service

Managing the sales network and partners. Goals, potentials, KPIs, gamification.


Reports, dashboards, data analysis, data unification, customer segmentation.

Predictions and recommendations

Suggestions for the best actions, customer behavioral analysis, multi-channel data analysis.

Read about organizations that trusted us with their CRM projects. From 5 to 3000 CRM users!

CRM and CEM implementations

Netwise provides consulting and implementation services in the area of systems supporting customer relationship management – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and supporting customer experience building – Customer Experience Management (CEM), as well as in the areas of sales, marketing and service automation in companies.

Our consultants are the best experts in Poland certified in the area of Microsoft Dynamics 365, known in the world and invited to many conferences.

Business consulting in the area of CRM

Our unique approach to CRM implementations

We do things in a unique, proven way. In 2008, we were one of three companies in Poland that used agile methodologies in their projects. Agile methodologies and an iterative approach allow us to deliver value to clients faster, in short intervals.
In 2009, we had our own Data Center and offered Dynamics CRM in the public cloud, 6 years before it became popular.

During each implementation, we work with the client to find the best solution. We actively consult with clients thew way of the implementation strategy and CRM system in selected areas of the organization.

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