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Netwise Cloud Document Generator

What is Netwise Cloud Document Generator?

The goal of Netwise Document Generator is to enable organizations to generate documents by retrieving data from different data sources and combining that data into a single document. The solution is system independent and can be used in any organization, regardless of the CRM system or business application used.

For whom?

The solution is dedicated to all departments of the organization that struggle with the lack of consistency of documents. From HR departments to marketing and sales.

Main benefits of Netwise Cloud Document Generator:


Automating the document creation process using templates and data.

Document generator

Generate documents using multiple template formats including DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF.


The generator can be used in any application, regardless of its type – you can place the print button anywhere.


Possibility of integration with any data source.


Easy sending of documents for e-signature thanks to the possibility of external connection

Document Generator allows you to create

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