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Dynamics 365 Sales

Manage the sales process with Dynamics 365 Sales

Find new, relevant customers

Segmentation allows you to find the relevant Customers, and AI based on Sales Insights helps identify customers who need attention or help in making a decision.

Have an insight into the relationship with your Clients at any time

Thanks to the so-called assessing the health of relationships and combining data from various channels, sales people using Dynamics 365 Sales can quickly assess the state of the relationship with the customer, and the system can propose next-best actions to be taken to help customers.

Predict and act ahead

The forecasting tool helps you to identify both opportunities and threats. Before proceeding with any transaction, we have an overview of the full picture of possible scenarios. This allows you to prepare alternative safeguards and increase the chances of success. The AI technology uses all the entered data and makes adjustments in the forecast on an ongoing basis, thanks to which we know whether our actions are effective or need urgent corrections.

Automate sales tasks

Process automation allows you to relieve employees and redirect their involvement to places and situations that need attention. Dynamics 365 Sales independently proposes the creation of new tasks and meetings, which eliminates the risk of missing an important for Customer dates. The integration of multiple applications in one place not only creates a more detailed picture, but also allows you to save time and control the information chaos.

Create offers and manage the sales process

In Dynamics 365, you can create PDF quotes and send them to the customer. Document history, versioning and offer parameters are available in the customer’s history. If creating quotes in Dynamics 365 isn’t enough, check out our Cloud Document Generator

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