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Dynamics 365 Field Service

Prevent possible malfunctions

By integrating diagnostic tools, Internet of Things (IoT), hardware maintenance, asset analysis, and delivery planning, Dynamics 365 Field Service saves you time and money by remotely discovering and solving problems. Technical assistance is only involved when it is really necessary. In many cases, potential faults will be diagnosed before they occur, and system notifications as a suggestions will prevent the problem from worsening or even occurring.

Better organize your work schedule

Dynamics 365 Field Service ensures optimization of technician orders through automatic scheduling. It takes into account factors such as skills, location, planned time of the meeting or the difficulty of the order. In this way, we provide a fast and effective service, thanks to the balancing of the workload of technicians and the selection of the perfect technician for a given order. Automating and maintaining the balance allows you to increase the level of satisfaction of both – customers and employees, and real-time visualization allows you to apply changes in emergency situations.

Perform repairs remotely

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist works in mixed reality mode where employees connect with experts to fix the fault immediately. The tool is also helpful in centralizing and standardizing solutions, as it allows inspections and training to be carried out without the need for expert travel. Real-time contact allows for active interaction of participants, and compatibility with mobile devices ensures accessibility at the highest level.

Learn from the data

Data generated with the help of Dynamics 365 Field Service enable a deep understanding of processes, their efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction. Create reports on almost every area of your business, from sales and scheduled deliveries to the efficiency of the technical department. Real-time insight into this data allows changes to be made immediately, while predictive analytics estimates the current data and gives insight into future events with high accuracy.

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