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Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Create a self-service support center

Dynamics 365 Customer Service gives you the opportunity to share knowledge on a self-service portal. Thanks to it, Customers will be able to report cases and get support on their own. Virtual agents, with help of AI, will redirect clients to the appropriate thread, where they will find both expert advice and tips from other clients who have managed to solve the problem on their own. Self-service technical assistance will relieve employees and reduce waiting time for the repair of more serious faults.

Use the possibilities of Omnichannel Customer Service

Different Clients have different preferences as to the forms of contact. Thanks to Omnichannel Customer Service, you will be able to satisfy all of them. Video calls, phone calls, online chat, or even SMS messages will reach one place and be displayed on a readable panel, thanks to which the employee has all the questions under control without the need to use multiple devices. Dynamics 365 Customer Service is compatible with many applications such as Facebook, Messenger, WeChat or Twitter, what improves and facilitates comuniations.

Analyze data and improve services

The AI technology used in Dynamics 365 Customer Service tracks trends in the threads discussed by Customers, what allows to improve service, especially while introducing new products. Thanks to the system’s instructions, you can easily fill gaps in the information database and take actions that will affect the level of customer satisfaction.

Solve cases and manage support contracts

Dynamics 365 Customer Service allows you to lead many cases, without loosing fluency in individual threads. AI in real-time suggest cases, which have been already solved, what improves work and let to solve problems faster . Thanks to the integrated Microsoft Teams application, contact with specialists is faster and possible from anywhere in the world.

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