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Case studies

CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for APN Promise S.A.

Basic info

  • Company: APN Promise S.A.
  • Industry: IT
  • Country: Poland

Technologies used

  • Dynamics 365 Sales


  • Sales Potential Management
  • Sales Process Execution
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Management and Operational Reporting
  • Integrations with Microsoft tools and external systems

Basic info

Purpose of the project

Ensure high-quality data

Create a sales tool that contains unified and high-quality data in CRM:

  • increase trust in the data stored in CRM
  • change the attitude of salespeople toward the CRM system
  • organize the data

Create an effective CRM tool for Salespeople to increase work ergonomics integration with Outlook and Exchange

  • Increase work ergonomics
  • Manage the integration with Outlook and Exchange
  • Provide a system support for Users

Automation of selected elements of the sales process

  • integration with systems such as Quest and Webcon
  • communication improvement – optimizing information flow between teams

Better work organization

CRM as a support in the practical organization of the work of Salespeople:

  • facilitate search of information
  • optimization and data presentation

Sales efficiency improvement

System that support teams in information delivery, especially
on sales forecasts and current projects (pipeline).

  • Real-time reporting of sales projects


1. Shared model

Due to the specifics of the Client and its specialization in IT, Netwise experts proposed a non-standard form of cooperation. They recommended a shared model and invited APN Promise S.A. developers to participate in the integration process actively.

“We assessed that the Client was mature and competent enough to engage in this innovative cooperation model. We predicted that it would increase the work and our involvement initially. However, we were confident that it would pay off enormously in the future when the system moves into the maintenance phase.”

Adam Gałat / Netwise
Director of Managed Services, IT Solution Expert

2. Preparation

After a thorough analysis of the Client’s initial situation, Netwise S.A. experts created a comprehensive demo that addressed the Client’s expectations and pains. It was so detailed that it practically became the backlog of the project and a solid input for the team of developers.

3. Development and integration

After the demo was approved, Netwise S.A. experts prepared APN Promise S.A. developers to work together. The topics covered were, among other things, framework training and Netwise’s work style. Since the developers knew the existing system inside out, they understood the nature of the changes perfectly. By participating in the implementation, they gained knowledge that makes working with the new CRM system easier. They became in-house experts on the solution.

“With the implementation of Dynamics 356 at APN Promise S.A., we have brought our databases to a new level. Task planning, analytics, sales forecasting, and project documentation in one place – are just a few of the functionalities that have changed the work of the sales department.”

Piotr Paszczyk / CEO of APN Promise S.A.

Project effects

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365, the project team implemented all models and scenarios of sales processes previously defined by the Client.

“Moving the I.T. adoption and maintenance stage to the project, the stage made it possible to shorten the stabilization period significantly. During the project, the APN Promise S.A. team acquired the necessary knowledge and skills that can be now used on a daily basis. This approach to running the project allowed it to be carried out more efficiently than in the classic model.”

Adam Gałat / Netwise
Director of Managed Services, IT Solution Expert

About APN Promise S.A.

APN Promise S.A. team comprises of 200 professionals who support business using IT solutions. Their specialization is Business Intelligence, Data Center and Software Asset Management – the process of implementation and adaptation. The company was rewarded in the prestigious business contest “Orły Przedsiebiorczosci”. It is one of the TOP500 Polish enterprises.