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Case studies

Dynamics 365 implementation for ScandicSofa

Basic info

  • Company: ScandicSofa sp. z o.o.
  • Industry: Ecommerce
  • Country: Poland

Technologies used

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • SALESmanago


  • Integration of data collected in various systems
  • Comprehensive insight into the history of customer relationships – e-mails, phone calls, orders, visits, complaints.
  • Centralized management and evaluation of employee effectiveness

Purpose of the project

The basic need of ScandicSofa was to gather in one place the knowledge about the expectations of customers using various contact channels. Compared to previous years, ScandicSofa has doubled its sales and expanded its customer service department. Maintaining relations with customers at the highest level turned out to be a challenge. As Piotr Mielcarek, co-founder of ScandicSofa points out, employees had to refer to countless and unrelated text files or spreadsheets to build a long-term relationship. “In such chaos it was easy to make mistakes and omissions,” he adds.

“After the first workshop on the vision and goals for the CRM system at ScandicSofa, it became clear to us that ScandicSofa needed a system that could collect and present customer data collected in several other systems, in different formats and often duplicated. We needed to quickly build a CRM system that would integrate both the call center and marketing activities. ”

Adrian Wieczorek / Team Manager at Netwise S.A.,
responsible for implementation at ScandicSofa.


Dynamics 365 was the perfect tool that met all the requirements. After the implementation of the CRM system, users have access to the entire history of customer relations – e-mails and phone calls, orders, complaints, and even visits to brick-and-mortar stores. The system user can see at what point of purchase the customer is, so he can adapt the conversation and the offer to his needs.

“The example of ScandicSofa perfectly confirms what we say many times in the context of such a popular” data-driven “approach – just having a huge amount of data does not mean that this data can be used to improve customer service and optimize the sales process. Such data must be integrated and presented in a coherent manner. Especially data from many channels, such as a website, call center, or social media inquiries, which are sometimes repeated and sometimes complementary. You have to be able to turn them into specific actions, ”

Jakub Skałbania / Founder and Principal Consultant at Netwise,

You can read more about the common history of ScandicSofa and Netwise in the article on the joint system implementation process on the Microsoft website. Polish company furnishes Europe – Press Center (microsoft.com)

About ScandicSofa

ScandicSofa grew out of a former furniture factory near Poznań, where craftsmen with over twenty years of experience create sofas, pouffes, corners, armchairs and beds made of beech wood, upholstered with the highest quality Italian fabrics and materials whose patterns and designs not only correspond to global trends, but sometimes they set their own direction. For the production of furniture, the work of hands is primarily used, so each piece of furniture is made with care and attention to the smallest detail. Functional, elegant and sophisticated furniture goes from Kostrzyn Wielkopolski to Polish homes and to recipients in Scandinavia, Germany, the Czech Republic and Great Britain.

The company operates in the furniture industry, but a significant part of its activity is sales via the Internet and direct contact with customers.