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Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform implementation at PKO Leasing

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PKO Case Study

Purpose of implementation 

The implementation of Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform at PKO Leasing is the first step to cloud migration of PKO Leasing’s key systems dedicated to customer management. The new solution will be used for communicating with customers through multiple channels and offers great low-code adaptability and extensive range of features for Agents, at PKO Leasing. 

When deciding to implement a new contact center, our priority was to focus on modernity and a platform that we could rely on in our daily operational work. We introduced conversation transcription, collecting customer feedback through automated bots in voice and email channels.

Dorota Klocek,
Director of the Operational Center at PKO Leasing

Purpose of implementation 

The implementation carried out by Netwise experts is the first in Poland and one of the very first in the whole Microsoft CEMA region (109 countries from Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa). It is also an important proof for the new Microsoft platform because of PKO Leasing’s advanced security measures, fail-safe business profile, wide range of products and large volume of customers. The project was carried out efficiently and with focus on a high standard of service. 
The implementation of the cloud Contact Center, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology and Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform, was preceded by several inspiration sessions, a thorough needs analysis and an efficient PoC (Proof-of-Concep) process. This allowed the solution to be integrated into the existing logical architecture of domain tools in an efficient way. Integrity and independence from local components were also enhanced. The new call center is integrated with existing domain systems and also telephony infrastructure that allowed to modernize system without any inconvenience from customer side

Main benefits for PKO Leasing 

The platform, through artificial intelligence, data analytics and process automation, enables PKO Leasing and Netwise to build a flexible and scalable contact center. Consultants can provide personalized customer service and effectively manage interactions across different communication channels. The state-of-the-art contact center implemented at PKO Leasing today offers the maximum of the solutions available on the market, including call sentiment analysis, automated bots, text-to-speech, voice bots built with Microsoft Azure AI Services and low-code flexibility. It also made it possible to move the current solution to the cloud (Dynamics 365 and Power Platform).

The main features include: 
PKO Benefits

Automated bots built with Microsoft Azure AI and Copilot Studio 

Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform and Copilot Studio allow agents to support customers across various communication channels through a unified interface and modern AI capabilities.  
Particularly noteworthy is Microsoft Copilot Studio – a cloud platform to build automated bots in many channels. With virtual agents using advanced, call centers can quickly and efficiently respond to inquiries, resolve issues, and provide support, while achieving higher efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction. 
The solution provides all the functionality necessary from the call center’s point of view: transfers, voice and chat consultations or the ability to put the customer on hold with music playing while they wait.  
Copilot Studio enabled to easily and quickly customize the platform to meet specific needs and industry requirements while providing flexibility and personalized service.   Microsoft Copilot Studio’s functionalities also streamline the work of Agents, who have access to the sentiment and transcript of the conversation as it happens. Both are available in real time. The transcript and call recording are also saved in the system for historical analysis. In addition, after the call, the Agent can redirect the call to a bot for a satisfaction and call quality survey. The survey, using the Customer Voice solution, can also be sent to the customer’s email address. 
Microsoft Copilot Studio also increases the comfort of call center department administrators. Access to the administrator’s dashboard and a few functionalities allow monitoring the work of the department and individual calls, as well as full diagnostics of calls to Agents. Users have access to the PowerBI dashboard, which shows in real time the status of all telephone traffic carried out by the call center.  
PKO Automated

The administrator module, which allows us to manage the IVR tree, recordings, and calibration of agents' work, is also an indispensable tool. The system also has extensive functionalities that allow us to develop processes, such as implementing customer self-service using chatbots with low-code, as well as to create multi-dimensional reports around current monitoring of hotline work, as well as historical data. 

Most important, however, was a sense of confidence that our implementation partner, Netwise, understood our needs. This would not have been possible without the experience and trust that Netwise has built up over the past few years of cooperation, in which it maintained and developed solutions dedicated to post-sales service for PKO Leasing customers

Dorota Klocek,
Director of the Operational Center at PKO Leasing

Statement by Netwise expert
This Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform implementation is the first production platform in Poland and one of the most significant in the CEMA region. Thanks to it, PKO Leasing, a leader of the leasing industry in Poland, gained a cloud contact center, boosted with automated bots, call sentiment analysis, multi-channel communication and integration with domain systems.  

We are happy to be PKO Leasing partners in this journey and glad that once again our teams proved that we are always ahead of the market and that Microsoft cloud constitutes a reliable platform for our customers

Wojciech Zarębski,
Senior Manager and Chief Product Officer at Netwise