February 10, 2022

Dynamics 365 Connector will be disabled soon

As announced by Microsoft two years ago, from April 29, 2022, it will no longer be possible to create new connections using the Dynamics 365 Connector. Of course, any previously created connections will still work until you edit them, but no later than July 28 this year. In 2020 Microsoft only recommended not to create new connections but this summer they will all be turned off.


The solution is to use the Microsoft Dataverse connector wherever is possible.

Of course it has limitattion in the case of Logic Apps, canvas apps and cross-tenant or cross environment connections. Then you can use Microsoft Dataverse (legacy), which has all the functions of the previous connector and has been enriched with new solutions increasing reliability.

The table below with instructions from Microsoft tells you what to do in each of these situations.

FlowIf you can convert existing flows to use the Microsoft Dataverse connector, we recommend you do so.
Logic AppsWe recommend you stop creating new connections using the Dynamics 365 connector and use the Microsoft Dataverse (legacy) instead.
Canvas AppsCanvas apps created after November 2019 should not have used the connector infrastructure by default. These apps should automatically connect to the Dataverse instance within the same environment.



If you have a canvas app that used the Dynamics 365 connector, find information about how to convert them here: Converting canvas apps with the Dynamics 365 connector.

According to Microsoft’s announcement, the Dataverse is the only connector that will be available for use in the near future. Dataverse  (legacy) and Dynamics 365 will be removed. This will require further changes which we will inform about in advance.

If you’re interested in Microsoft’s announcement, please read here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-platform/important-changes-coming#dynamics-365-connector-is-deprecated