July 31, 2023

Mateusz Osiński, a new Team Leader at Netwise

One of the potential career paths at Netwise is advancement to the position of Team Leader. The Team Leader serves as support and an example for the team’s self-development and finding individual specialization. Mateusz is the best example that good mentoring leads to upward mobility within the organization, regardless of the starting point.

Everyone receives an equal chance

“On July 3rd, it has been 6 years since the beginning of my journey with Netwise, and I started as a simple intern. I went through every stage of development within the company, and now, as a Team Leader, I have a wealth of experience that allows me to understand the situations of both specialists and those who are in their first day at work.”

Joining NetwiseTeam gives everyone the same development opportunities. Even if someone has been working for several months and a position they want to apply for becomes available, they have the opportunity to go through the entire process along with all the other candidates. The fundamental principle that applies regardless of the length of employment is job satisfaction and a sense of self-realization.

Just like in Mateusz’s case, everyone has the chance to find an area in which they feel strongest and in which they would like to gain experience.

“The most significant change and the confirmation of my specialization was felt when I reached the Senior level. At that point, I received encouragement, as well as a lot of freedom and the opportunity to develop towards becoming an expert in the chosen field. I chose to specialize in the Contact Center and Omnichannel in Dynamics 365. The last year and a half were focused on striving for this level, continuous development, and sharing acquired knowledge during technical presentations and real projects. At this point, most projects related to this topic pass through my hands.”

It’s just a matter of using the opportunities

Regardless of the position, everyone goes through annual job satisfaction discussions and evaluations of their achievements. It is an opportunity to listen to each other, identify aspects that may be overlooked in day-to-day work, and jointly develop the best development strategy.

“From the beginning, I received feedback on the characteristics that could help me become a team leader in the future. These aspects that showed I could move in the direction of a leader were honed over the years. I was also given the chance to develop in that direction, but it was never mandatory. There were always annual and periodic discussions, which were an opportunity to simply talk about it and determine the path I would take.”

We know that taking on new areas of responsibility can be a significant burden, especially for people at the beginning of their careers. That’s why mentoring is an integral part of the path at every stage. In addition to the standard support, there are plenty of options for acquiring and broadening horizons, which are, of course, voluntary. These options include internal technical presentations, Microsoft certification, training, and participation in educational industry events. Netwise covers the costs in practically every such situation.

“My personal milestone on the development path was the company trip to a conference in the United States in 2019. At that time, I was at the Mid Specialist level, and the trip was a reward for my work. It was a significant experience to see and hear everything live.”

At Netwise, everyone is given equal opportunities and chances. They also face identical requirements. Regardless of their previous experience, or lack thereof, there are options for growth and improvement. Mateusz’s example shows that to achieve success, all it takes is to listen to each other and seize the opportunities that arise.

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