May 27, 2024

New Copilot for Power Automate features launched during Microsoft Build

During Microsoft Build Microsoft introduced new features for Power Automate. Since 2023 Users can create their flows using natural language. But it was necessary to include exact sequence of triggers, actions, and conditions needed to achieve a process objective. Now this will change. Copilot will now create automation plan

AI to create an automation plan. Here’s how it works:

There is also a revolution for desktop automation (RPA)

Power Automate now offers multi-modal AI recording, making UI automation more natural, accessible, and resilient. This feature enhances the user experience by allowing a combination of voice, text, and visual inputs for creating automation flows. So now You can describe (using Your voice), show (using the screen recording) what You want to achieve and Copilot will prepare the automation for You. He can even help You to repair that flow (like missed clicks)
The latest features and enhancements in Power Automate focus on streamlined process management, flow authoring, and personal productivity. These updates help everyone save time and focus on what matters most. In summary, Microsoft Power Automate is leveraging AI to transform the way we work, making automation more intelligent, flexible, and dynamic. Whether you’re a professional developer or a business user, these advancements empower you to achieve better outcomes efficiently.

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