June 11, 2024

Important Milestone as a Microsoft Partner: Data & AI Designation

Data & AI Designation

We are proud to announce that our company has achieved a significant milestone as a Microsoft partner by obtaining Data & AI designation! This recognition reaffirms our commitment to delivering top-quality services in data management and artificial intelligence, helping our clients achieve their business goals

Our role as a Microsoft Partner in the Data & AI

As a solutions partner in data and artificial intelligence (Azure), our efforts are focused on supporting clients in managing their data and creating advanced analytical and AI solutions. Through our services, clients can process and analyze vast amounts of data, enabling them to make better business decisions and uncover new growth opportunities.
MS Data & AI

Data & AI: What does obtaining designation mean for Us

Obtaining Data & AI designation is not just a testament to our professionalism but also a commitment to continuously improving our skills. This accreditation underscores our dedication to regular training and development, allowing us to consistently deliver innovative technological solutions.
Data & AI designation requires fulfilling the following criteria:
We currently hold THREE Microsoft designations:

Benefits for Our Clients

The future with Data & AI

We look to the future with optimism and enthusiasm for further developing our competencies in the Data & AI field. We firmly believe that technologies related to data and artificial intelligence will play an increasingly significant role in the digital transformation of companies worldwide. As a trusted Microsoft partner, we will continue our efforts to deliver innovative solutions that bring tangible benefits to our clients.

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