May 12, 2021

Implementation of an Application for 3200 Lewiatan Holding S.A. Stores in 9 Days​

Experts from Netwise S.A., in collaboration with Lewiatan Holding S.A., have developed an application to support a large-scale IT infrastructure expansion process across all stores in the Lewiatan network.

Project Objective

The primary goal for Lewiatan Holding was to design a multifunctional service that simplifies and streamlines the management of service-related works, including maintenance of computers, fiscal cash registers, self-service kiosks, and loyalty programs in all 3200 stores across Poland. Lewiatan Holding also aimed to move away from a manual support system for processes.

Agile Project Approach

The entire process, which included analysis of the current situation and needs, design and implementation of the application, testing, and refining the solution, was carried out by Netwise experts in just a few days. Within a week of work, Netwise presented the first version of the application, which was then improved based on recommendations gathered from Lewiatan.Piotr Ferenc, IT Department Manager at Lewiatan, who participated in the project and tested the new application, emphasized that the company’s priority was first and foremost the rapid implementation of the application and its functionality:

“We are the largest franchise network in Poland, and our priority was to ensure that the new solution perfectly met our needs, was convenient and easy to use, and at the same time helped manage all service requests quickly and efficiently from across Poland. – he explains. The ability to test continuously introduced solutions, a flexible approach, and the correct interpretation of the Client’s needs were key to success in this case.

From the very beginning, we trusted the experts from Netwise, who consulted with us on every idea and listened to our suggestions. At every stage of the work, we had the opportunity to check new solutions and their functions.”
– Piotr Ferenc adds

The realization of the client’s vision and needs was possible through the use of the latest technologies based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps. Jakub Skałbania, CRM expert and founder of Netwise, explains that the use of “low-code” technology based on the Microsoft Power Apps platform significantly shortened the application implementation process.

“After discussions with the client and understanding the needs, which included creating a single application integrated with the external Lewiatan Holding S.A. system, we designed and implemented an application based on Microsoft Power Apps. And all of this within a few days. In short intervals, we presented our work to Lewiatan representatives and implemented feedback on an ongoing basis.”

– Piotr Kerner, Solution Architect, Netwise S.A.

This application serves as a fundamental and integrated source of knowledge about available equipment, its condition, service technicians, and current service needs. The created solution saves valuable time and presents all necessary information in a clear and readable manner. Employees of Lewiatan express their satisfaction with the collaboration with Netwise and the jointly conducted initiative.

“We are grateful to Netwise for creating an application that helped us streamline and expand our IT system across all Lewiatan network stores throughout Poland. And all in such a short time.

-Piotr Ferenc, IT Department Manager, Lewiatan Holding S.A.