February 21, 2023

NetwiseTeam: Low-Code solution experts

Kamil Kłosiewicz is a Team Leader at Netwise and one of the experts who were invited last year to speak at the Microsoft Power Platform Conference. He shared his knowledge and experience in creating bold solutions that allow companies to revolutionize their market. 

Understanding the needs is crucial

“The most important thing is to understand the entire process of a given enterprise. At first glance, every system may seem the same. We will always deal with potential clients, orders, contacts, or sales reports. However, it is only by understanding the actual needs of the company that we can build an effective solution. Familiarizing ourselves with the dry requirements outlined in the company’s presentation cannot be equated with understanding the needs.”

Asking questions, conducting in-depth interviews, and experience from similar implementations is the key to success. It is necessary to understand the details and practice the elements that may seem trivial or seemingly insignificant. The basic thing is to get to know the actors and determine who is the beneficiary of a particular process, who is the stakeholder, and what are the dependencies between people, data, and each element of the system. 

The most important thing is to enter the process, understand it, and discuss it thoroughly with the client. Only then can we propose anything. Not based on what has been written, as it is generally very confusing.” 

Microsoft values the best experts

To become a speaker at a Microsoft conference, it is not enough to just listen to your clients. Netwise specialists were selected because they created a platform that not only satisfied the customer but also garnered hundreds of thousands of end users throughout the United States. The entire solution was based on the Microsoft ecosystem, utilizing the full potential of Microsoft Azure, Power Platform, and Dynamics 365. This was possible thanks to expert knowledge of the products.  

“What sets us apart is that we are not afraid to use and experiment with what Microsoft offers. We created a well-functioning system, basing it on products with enormous potential that we know how to use. And since we had a certain amount of freedom, we fully trusted our knowledge and experience.”

Microsoft offers many low-code solutions that allow business processes to be modeled with automation without the need for programmers. However, only a consultant who is well-versed in these solutions can create something that will truly help the customer on a large scale. Therefore, even solutions with a trace amount of code require professionals. It may turn out that just a little bit of coding is enough to create the desired automation in Power Automate and tame complex flows. But you have to know it inside out and simply know about it. 

The work system is key

Netwise specialists never propose anything that does not meet the customer’s expectations. Discrepancies usually arise when assumptions are confronted with reality. It takes courage to refuse to carry out a task in a way that will not guarantee success or will expose the customer to unjustified costs.  

“There have been situations where the company was initially dissatisfied with the progress because they had never worked in an Agile spirit and the most important thing was achieving milestones. However, the mood changed completely when the other side realized that we were not just an executor in this project, but above all a partner, and the results delivered iteratively exceeded the customer’s expectations.”

The best proof of the effectiveness of Netwise’s approach and policy is when the customer returns to expand the system. Then, to the extent possible, people who once created it and know the solution inside out are assigned to the project. The fact that the customer meets the same faces on the Netwise side after such a long time shows that Netwise is a place that cares about its specialists and provides them with constant development.