June 7, 2023

Netwise gains Low Code Application Development advanced specizalization in Microsoft Solutions Partner program

Netwise became the first company in Poland specializing in CRM implementations to achieve the Microsoft Low Code Application Development Advanced Specialization, which is awarded to partners specializing in business applications with proven track record in Low-code development. According to Microsoft, partners with this advanced specialization demonstrate proven knowledge, subject matter expertise, and documented successes in supporting the implementation of Microsoft’s low-code solutions.

The designation is granted to partners who meet a set of requirements. One of these is to have an active Solutions Partner for Digital & App Innovation (Azure) or Business Applications designation. Netwise has both of these designations.

The designation is valid for 12 months, after which a reevaluation takes place. During each of these periods, partners must fulfill plenty of very specific requirements, starting with least five customers with new deployments built using PowerApps with more than 50 monthly active users.

Advanced Specialization also requires proven knowledge and certified specialists. Netwise not only has enough specialists to meet the requirements, but actually exceeds the requirements. Currently, #NetwiseTeam can proudly claim the following certifications:

16 x Power Platform Functional Consultant Associate (5 required)

4 x Power Platform Developer Associate (2 required)

3 x Power Platform Solution Architect Expert (1 required)

Additionally, partners with Low Code Application Development designation must continually strive for growth by increasing the number of active users of Power Apps deployed for their customer by at least 35% across their entire customer base in the last 12 months.