June 16, 2023

Netwise experts sharing their knowledge

Experts from #NetwiseTeam share their knowledge at internal Netwise Technology Forum. Occasionally, they have the opportunity to present at industry conferences and webinars focused on the latest technologies. In May, our experts gave presentations at the MS Tech Summit and an event organized by Microsoft called “The Future of Digital Sales and Employee Productivity.”

It’s worth learning more than what is necessary for a successful implementation.

Five years ago, Kamil Kłosiewicz started his journey with the Power Platform, and today he is an expert in the field who shares his knowledge at global industry events. As he emphasizes, his skills come from the experience gained through various projects conducted for Netwise.

“I am a practitioner, and I don’t limit myself to the information I’ve acquired from reading various documentation and training. Yes, the publicly available knowledge is sufficient to leverage the capabilities provided by the Power Platform, but for substantial projects, much more is required.”

Netwise’s DNA is ingrained with an approach that always prioritizes the real needs of the client, and it is this approach that ensures the success of subsequent projects for both parties.

The Netwise Internal Technology Forum is a place where experienced architects share knowledge among themselves and with younger specialists. At the MS Tech Summit, attendees had the opportunity to momentarily become members of such a forum.

“My goal was to show that it’s worthwhile to learn more than what is necessary for a successful implementation. I was concerned that what I would say would be obvious to some people, especially since my presentation was dedicated to those who are familiar with the Power Platform. However, many individuals told me after the session that the knowledge I shared from real projects opened their eyes and was very valuable.”

This includes details such as field limits in Dataverse tables and how to correctly count them. Simply knowing that a table has 1024 fields doesn’t mean that we can create that many. It’s important to remember that some field types occupy multiple columns, ultimately reducing our limit. This is one of the pitfalls to keep in mind when implementing solutions based on the Power Platform.

Compromise is never a reflection of full potential

The presentation of another expert, Adrian Kołnier, focused on low-code solutions and the limitations they may entail.

“It was important for me to debunk the misconception that knowing and understanding low-code solutions is sufficient for a successful implementation. It’s not the skills of the architect that should be prioritized, but rather the needs of the client, and that’s what I wanted to convey to everyone who attended the MS Tech Summit to learn something.”

Netwise has its own business philosophy, and there is no room for half-measures. Some project elements require pro-code solutions and are implemented accordingly. It’s not possible to deploy a system that will be functionally limited solely because it was built entirely using low-code technology.

“It’s possible to create something based solely on low-code solutions, but it will be a compromise, and a compromise is never a reflection of all the client’s needs. That’s why I demonstrated clear examples where coding is necessary or external tools need to be utilized.”

It’s also important to remember that sometimes coding is cheaper and even faster. However, the overriding value always remains the client’s interest.

“Low-code provides a significant advantage when building solutions that require a quick win approach. Later on, if we want to personalize the system or expand it further, we can leverage other technologies. It is unacceptable to remain at a stage where the system is only partially functional because the chosen solution has its limitations. It is our role to find an approach that fulfills all the client’s requirements.”

AI, Copilot, and the Future of the Dynamics 365

Jakub Skałbania, Chief Growth Officer at Netwise and Microsoft MVP, was invited to a fireside chat during an event organized by Microsoft and available to customers and partners in the CEMA region. The event focused on the future of sales, marketing, and employee support through digital technologies and AI. The Netwise expert shared his vision of how artificial intelligence can be utilized in business solutions.

“AI and artificial intelligence won’t sell for anyone, and they won’t predict anything on their own. In fact, I am even more down-to-earth in my assessment of how we should use the popular LLM models – essentially only for saving time for salespeople and marketers. For example, Copilot present in Dynamics 365 can effectively summarize a conversation and propose next steps,”

– comments Skałbania.

“But we must not forget the risks that the popularization of LLM models brings to organizations, especially concerning ethics and customer data management. Copilot can be very helpful, but it can also cause a lot of damage, such as suggesting product prices based on incomplete data.”

Netwise experts always share highly practical knowledge gained from numerous projects, often requiring the recipient to have a suitable level of expertise and experience in Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.