May 13, 2024

Service Reimagined with AI

We are pleased to announce that Netwise and PKO Leasing, the largest leasing company in Poland, have been invited to present our success story at an event organized by Microsoft in Saudi Arabia – “Microsoft Discovery Day: Service Reimagined with AI”.

Together with Marcin Matysiak, Director of IT System Operations at PKO Leasing, Jakub Skałbania, our CGO, and Maureen Khoury, Senior Customer Service GTM Manager for CEMA, we will discuss our groundbreaking implementation of Microsoft Digital Contact Center.

 The event will take place on Thursday, May 23, 2024.

During the session, we will present our solution, which provides comprehensive and essential functionality for customer service centers, utilizing Copilot Studio. We will also discuss the flexibility of Microsoft Digital Contact Center, which results in improvements in customer service.

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